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Do Diet Pills Really Work?

Diet drugs have come a long way since the addictive amphetamines of the 1950s. And while each nawardew generation of skinny pills has so far proven more dangerous than effective — remember fen-phen and ephedra? — experts continue their search for a safe diet pill that works.

But while thes
dietpillsjpge pills offer hope for trimming America’s ever-expanding waistline, experts caution that there’s no miracle potion out there to automatically shrink you back into your college jeans. “These diet drugs work only if you also change your lifestyle, and that means following the same old advice of dieting and exercising,” says Caroline Apovian, M.D., of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center at Boston University Medical Center. The medications also come with some real health risks, ranging from nausea and diarrhea to hypertension and depression. Here’s the scoop on the five newest weight-loss pills on the market.

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Identifying The Diet Saboteurs Around You

Diet SaboteursDiet saboteurs are just lurking around you and surprisingly, most of them are your friends and members of your family. If you want to identify these people, then you should listen to Christine Fieldhouse as she offers some tips that will surely help you.

One perfect example is Yasmina Zakari who is excited and thrilled to see her husband walking in her apartment carrying boxes of chocolates that are beautifully wrapped. Prior to this incident, Yasmina has succeeded in sticking with her diet and had lost 5kg. This is just the first time that she is able to attain the ideal waistline.

Yasmina had thought that the chocolates her husband given to her is just a way of appreciating her effort in losing her excess weights. This is according to Yasmina who is 32 years old and is a primary teacher in their place.

Diet Saboteurs 1“I hugged my husband and thanked him for the chocolates,” says Yasmina. “However, upon receiving the box of chocolates, it make me think why he give me chocolates instead of other items,” added by Yasmina. After few days, the chocolates together with its box are all gone. This makes Yasmina feels inferior since after succeeding in losing her excess weight, she is required to start over again with her diet. All of her hard works diminished just because of the gift her husband gave to her.

The above situation is a clear example of the diet saboteur. In the case of Yasmina, the diet saboteur is played by her husband who decided to give her boxes of chocolates as a present to her effort in losing weight. While some people will view this gift as a thoughtful act on the part of the husband, most health and weight experts that this one is a mistake as it only produced setback for Yasmina to achieve her ideal weight to her diet.

Ghee—The Perfect Food For The Brain

Ghee1Have you tried eating pure ghee? It is undeniable that there are already a lot of foods claiming that they are the healthy ones, but not all of them are delicious and enticing to our eyes. Maybe only a few of you have an idea that ghee is really a part of the list of healthy foods. Actually, according to specialists, pure ghee contains only fatty acids and saturated fats that are short of chain fatty acids, unlike the other animals’ fats.

What must be considered before indulging with ghee? Unfortunately, this healthy food is not available for everyone. Here is the list of qualifications before you can freely enjoy the wonders of this food.

• You must not have any cardiovascular diseases.
• You must not be overweight.
• You must not be obese. (If you are, completely avoid eating ghee)

What are the benefits of ghee? This is known for its ability to provide a variety of boons. But it must be noted that to be able to get best results, you must have only about 10 to 15 grams. Here is the list of advantages that you can experience with ghee.

• It serves as a great substitute. If you have cholesterol problems, you can make use of ghee instead of butter. And since it has lesser fats, it is much easier to digest.Ghee.jog

• It promotes mental strength. According to some studies, ghee has a capacity to develop and to improve the functioning of the brain.

• It is a dietary food. Ghee is very helpful in maintaining the normal process of the digestive system. Also, it is known to be used as a dietary item.

• It is high in vitamins A, D, E and K, providing variety of help to our body.

• It can be stored for long period of time.

Never let yourself be left behind when it comes to this new wonder. This can help you be smarter and healthier.

Health Alert: Keep Your Eyes Fixed On The Nutritional Labels

In case you are having some difficulties every time you are inside the market as you cannot make up your mind on which food item to choose, then allow us to introduce you to Nutritional Labelsthe importance of the nutritional label. As you can see, one way to be sure that you are not buying items that will put the health of your family at risk is to pay close attention on the nutritional labels that are provided by various companies in their respective products.

However, it must also be noted that you need to be extra cautious in deciphering the nutritional labels since some of them are disguised to deceive you. It is unfortunate to admit that there are some companies who are willing to do anything just to gain the profits they want in order to survive the tough competition going inside the business world. This is even if it means they have to compromise the health of the millions of consumers who regularly use the market.

Therefore, it will be your responsibility to yourself to make sure that the foods you will buy are safe and healthy. Again, this will bring us back in knowing the importance of reading the nutritional labels.

Hence, we have come up with the significant roles of the nutritional labels. Take note of the following:

  • You will be provided the essentials details that you need to know about a particular food such as its nutrients, minerals, and vitamins contents.
  • You will also be informed about the calorie contents of the food items you wish to buy, which is vital especially if you are following a diet plan.
  • Nutritional Labels 1You will be taught of the required daily nutrition that your body needs.
  • You will know if there are some ingredients that can cause you allergies.
  • Food labels will also warn you if there are ingredients that are not good for your health such as saturated fats, too much sugar and sodium.

Just like what has been said earlier, food labels are made to serve as your guide every time you are inside the market. The food labels will help you in making the right decision that will benefit your health.

Caption This: Healthy People Eat High-Fiber Foods

There are many reasons why including fiber rich foods to the regular diet must be a top priority of every health buff today. In case you are one of the individuals who only think of High-Fiber Foodswhat is good for your body, then learning the goodness you can get from eating high-fiber foods is a big step you can take to move closer to your goal.

In order to attain the sufficient amount of fibers that your body needs, we have prepared some of the foods that are rich in this nutrient.

Below are some of the high-fiber foods that must be included in your regular diet:

  • Bran — this includes the following: rice, wheat, oat, and corn. These foods are rich in fibers and are also great sources of the vitamin B6 and magnesium, which are essential in the maintenance of the overall health of your body. Including the bran foods in your diet, especially to your breakfast, will help in the improvement of your health.
  • Spices, dried herbs, and peppers – these items contain the essential vitamins and the minerals that are critical for your body’s good health. By including spices, herbs, and pepper to your regular meals, you will be able to provide the nutrients and fibers that your body needs to maintain its good health.
  • Dark chocolate and cocoa powder – while chocolate health benefits are widely recognized by most people today, the cocoa powder benefits are starting to make noise today. By eating chocolates, you will not only provide the essential nutrients to your body such as the iron and magnesium, but also the fibers that are essential in attaining the good health.
  • High-Fiber Foods1Sesame seeds, flax seeds, and sesame butter – these seeds are all proven to be great sources of the dietary fibers that your body truly needs. By including these foods to your regular diet, you can expect for the positive changes in your body especially when it comes to your health.

Eating foods that are high in fiber is recommended by most health experts to their patients who want to live their lives healthy and free from any illnesses. If you also have the desire to stay healthy, then you better start feeding your stomach with the foods we have enumerated earlier.